I'm Karintha (pronounced 'kuh-rin-thuh). The short of it? I like long walks on city streets, equal rights, botched romantic gestures and books that devastate me. Buy me Magnolia and I'm yours.

That quote up there, it's from one of my favorite novels ever. I kinda love the classics. And well, books in general. My life consists mostly of them -- reading them, reviewing them, photographing them, writing them. It kinda always has. 

I desire every book that has ever been written because I'm never satisfied. Eventually, I'd like to have written one of those pretty little hardbacks I so desire. Until then, I spend most of my time drafting story ideas, devouring books about teenagers with magical gifts and staging books for your viewing pleasure. Sometimes, I contribute on Huffington Post. I have a million other interests but books are selfish creatures, they take and they take and they take. 

Save four years at college, I've spent my entire life in New York  and my heart belongs to this city, the greatest city in the world. My idea of an amazing night out involves strolling down Manhattan streets with starlight in my eyes. If  I could, I'd capture the lights of Times Square for safe keeping. I believe in magic. Magic and the power of the perfect red lipstick. Those might be the same thing. I'm covertly over-emotional, meaning I pretend to be a total badass but really I'm just a cinnamon roll who cries at any commercial with small children in it.  I'll never be the girl who can walk in 4-inch heels in comfort or wear white and not spill on it, and I'm learning to be okay with that. 


+ Harry Potter is EVERYTHING. 

+ Some say that I'm intense or I'm insane. I have zero chill when it comes to things I'm passionate about and I can be passionate about a can of soup, I swear. So basically I'm always excited about something. 

+ I love pretty much all music, but 90s boy bands and classic rock circa the 1970s make me nostalgic. I was only alive to miss one of those eras, but there you have it.

+ Which reminds me, I have a tendency of finding some thing or some one and then needing to know everything about it. It's how I discovered the aforementioned obsession with 70s hair bands and the plethora of useless knowledge I possess about Tudor/Elizabethan era. I'm currently obsessing over America's favorite fighting Frenchman.

+ Yes, I designed my own website. I also design other things from time to time like bookmarks and planner goodies.  

+ I watch entirely too many television shows, but the top of the list is rounded out by the 100, New Girl and Billions. The best television shows of all time are Sons of Anarchy and Buffy, on this I will not bend. 


(Did you catch all the Hamilton references? They were a plenty.) 

If you somehow want to know even more about me, here are a few personal posts I've written over the years: