That Fall Aesthetic

There are some people who try to capture every summer moment. Others who snap away during Christmas holidays. But to me, there is nothing more picturesque than the autumnal season. The colors are warm and natural, neutral but also vibrant as if bursting with Mother Nature's last few drops of color. Leaves fall through the air cast on the winds of crisp breezes and crunching beneath your feet. Experiencing the season is the best, but capturing the perfect #fallgoals photo is pretty great too. And if that photo is book-related, well, perfection is a real thing you guys and here are four cases of it.

To note, in edition to capturing "the fall aesthetic" perfectly, these bookstagrams are also a few of my favorite accounts to follow (in no particular order). You'd do well to follow them if you're into that sort of thing. And by that sort of thing I mean books and, you know, greatness.



Viktoria's (@seelieknight) feed is always warm browns and orange hues that perfectly matches the color of her fantastic hair. Not only are her photos extremely really well composed, especially the angles she photographs from, but the cohesion through filters and editing that she does is A+.  



Although her theme tends to change with the seasons, I'm loving how Rebecca at @bookvibes has been embracing fall. Her feed for the last two dozen photos has been so spectacularly autumnal. The usage of lots of browns and golds and pops of burnt orange is made even more interesting by the faded look she gives most of her photos.   



I am legitimately gah-gah over CiCi's account, @therusticwindow. As if the name doesn't say it already, her feed is full of rich, deep shades of brown and natural props all year-round. She composes her pictures in such interesting ways, layer items on top of each other to create depth or off-setting the photo to feature tons of wooden blank space. Plus, she has the best captions.



What sets Alison's account (@crimeofrhyme) apart is the simplicity of her photographs and the variety of nature shots she captures. She uses tons of texture like wood and lace and bedsheets and sand. And she somehow ties it all together to form a cohesive feed. 

What are your favorite Instagram/bookstagram feeds? Fall-themed or not!