Scents That Remind Me of Fall

Some scents are simple. Some scents are just nice because they smell pretty like Chanel No. 5 or Jasmine. But others are nice because they remind us of particular things or evoke certain feelings. In essence, some scents are our favorites because they tell a story. And for me, as someone who really likes anything related to fall, there are certain scents that I associate with the season. 

Via tumblr.  

Via tumblr.  

+ Pine cones

For most people, pine cones remind them of Christmas and winter. But for me, that slightly spicy scent means fall.

+ Clothes fresh out the dryer

When I try to think why this is on the list, I can't really come up with anything that makes sense. I think it has to do with the laundry being super warm and smelling really fresh and clean (or like my favorite fabric softener Swavitel!). It just feels, I don't know, cozy. And when I'm folding laundry, I can't help but pull the clothes to my nose and snuggle up. I'm legit like that Downy Bear in the commercials. We are one in the same.  

+ Strong woodsy cologne

Preferably on a man. And more so, on my man as I have been with him for seven years (see Thursday's post!) Although I tend to like wearing perfumes with a basenote of sandalwood, woodsy fragrances on men kinda drive me wild. To me, scents with heavy woody or musky undertones give off a very distinct male aura. And for some reason that means fall to me? I don't know. Truly, I have no explanation for this insanity. Apparently men only smell good in fall.

+ Rain

Although it probably rains more in the Spring than the Fall, I still very much associate rain with October. I already love rain but I feel like it was always raining around Halloween and it made the season even spookier. If I could bottle one scent, it'd be rain. 

+ Apples

This was expected, yes? Apples are pretty much synonymous with fall for everyone. 

+ Fresh Baked Goods

Baked goods make me think of colder months in general whether fall or winter. Any kind of pie scent will put me in the Thanksgiving mood. And as cliché as it may be, the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies makes me think of play cards with my grandma after school.  

+ Versace Red Jeans perfume

At the beginning of every year in high school, I'd pick up a new bottle of this perfume because it was my absolute favorite and school shopping wasn't complete without it. The memory actually makes me a little sad because I never stocked up and the scent was discontinued. I did find a random bottle in Walmart of all places a few years back but it's almost gone. 

What scents remind you of fall?