Damn, FaLL-O-WEEN! Back At It Again With The Good Times

Can you believe it? Can you? It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, it's not Christmas. Don't argue with me; don't kill my vibe. It's October and that means everything fall and spooky and scary, and cool weather and chunky sweaters and hot lattes and mini-candies. AKA EVERYTHING I LOVE EVER <3 If you've been hanging around this blog for a while through the many name changes (although I admittedly understand if you haven't), you know what time it is. I'm sure the new spooky blog header for the month gave it away, huh? :) If not, allow me to reintroduce myself...

My name is Kari and I was born in March but I come alive in October.

Yes, if you recognize the last bit of that quote, it's because I stole it from Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Fall-O-Ween is the strange hybrid series I created in 2014 (I mean, maybe it exists somewhere, but nowhere I've heard of) in celebration of all things Fall, October and Halloween. Hence the name. Some people go in for Christmas and while I respect it, I'm all about this time of year. It's like starting over.

So, What's In Store This Fall-O-Ween? 


It's a busy month, but if all goes according to plan, you should be getting 4-5 posts per week from me in the month of October. Crazy, I know, especially considering my recent track record, but it's a special occasion and what a way to get back into the swing of blogging. 


Who doesn't like free shit? That's right. No one. And so, free shit. YAASSSSSS.


Because I refuse to believe I'm the only one just a little excited for the season. So if you've written anything fall, october or halloween in the past week, check in here on Fridays and link up! 

Jumping right in with The Halloween television programming, one of the best parts of seasons (aside from the candy of course because GIVE ME ALL THE CANDY). And just like I've done for the past two years, you know I'm not gonna leave you hanging on that front (the tv programs, I mean. You've got to fend for your own candy stash, woman). The airwaves are seized by all things spooky come October and I LIVE FOR IT. But as is with all things, it's easy to miss out on a fav when so much is on. So I present...

As usual, we've got the cute and cuddly (Freeform and Disney) and the strictly horror (AMC and Syfy). *Note: AMC and Syfy programming is trickling in slowly. Will update as I can to the calendar, but I'll also tweet new information so follow me there. Take your pick or binge them all, which is probably definitely what I'll be doing. 

What are you most excited to catch on television? (Please say Halloweentown, please say Halloweentown) What are you most excited for this season?